Offices & Units
  • Administrative Offices
  • Mass Organizations
  • Affiliated Institutions
  • University-managed Enterprise
  • Office of University Affairs

  • Organization Department of University CPC Committee

  • Publicity Department(News Center) of University CPC Committee

  • United Front Work Department of University CPC Committee

  • Office of University Commission for Discipline Inspection

  • Office of Development and Reform

  • Department of Human Resources(Office of Talented Personnel Affairs)

  • Office of Undergraduate Programs (Admission Office; Office of Management of Teacher Education)

  • Institute of Scientific Researches

  • Department of Undergraduate Student Affairs

  • School of Graduate Students

  • Office of Laboratories & Equipment Management

  • Department of International Cooperation & Exchange(Office of Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan Affairs)

  • Department of Planning and Finance

  • Audit Office 

  • Department of Campus Security

  • Department of Campus Infrastructure

  • Office of Retirement Affairs

  • Office of Public Affairs Management(Office of State Property Management)

  • Labor Union

  • Youth League Committee

  • Information Center of University

  • Library

  • Department of Academic Journals

  • Office of Continuing Education Management

  • Office of Teaching Evaluation and development of Teachers &Teaching

  • Logistics Service Group 

  • Purchase Center

  • Archive Room

  • Office of Xiasha Campus Management

  •  Elementary Education Group 

  • Secretariat of Alumni Association(Secretariat of Education Fund)

  • CPC School(CPC Committee of University Administrative Organizations)

  • The Affiliated Hospital(Hangzhou No.2 People’s Hospital)

  • University-managed Enterprise:

  • Assets Management Co.LTD

  • Science Park

  • Assets Management Co.LTD

  • Science Park


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