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HNU at a Glance - 1

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HNU at a Glance - 2

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HNU at a Glance - 3

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Welcome to the website of Hangzhou Normal University!


We are delighted to share with you the information that this website is to provide about Hangzhou Normal University, a comprehensive institution of higher education in China that takes educational internationalization as one of its top priorities for development. As you navigate this site, you will be able to discover the rich heritage and fast development of a university for anyone and everyone who has an interest in knowing what a typical comprehensive normal university in China is like. I believe that, as you read each page, you will come to understand why Hangzhou Normal University is an ideal place for teaching, learning and research and why the university has attracted so many 1st-rate scholars from different parts of China and the world to work here and so many international students to pursue studies here. We have something for you, whether you are:


* a university president or a representative from an institution of higher education seeking for academic partnership;


* an international scholar or professional established with excellence in certain fields seeking job opportunities in a vigorously developing educational institution in China;


* a research or business representative interested in cooperation for the incubating or industrializing research achievements;


* a non-Chinese high-school or university graduate looking for undergraduate or graduate studies in a good university in China;


* a foreign citizen who wants to know more about the Chinese language and culture; or a visitor just wanting to learn more about Hangzhou Normal University. Throughout its 104-year history, the university has continued to build on the strong foundation of excellence in education, research and service to the nation and the world's economic development and social progress. We would like to invite you to spend a few minutes learning about our programs, the research interests and accomplishments of our faculty and students, and the many colloquia, public lectures, seminars, conferences and other events sponsored by the university.   


Seeing is believing. To get a full experience of our picturesque surroundings and favorable academic atmosphere, you must visit our university. So, once again, welcome to Hangzhou Normal University.


Written by:YF