Application Info for International Students (2011-2012)




Programs Description



Long-term Chinese Language Study

 Bachelor's Degree

Master’s Degree



RMB 6600/semester


RMB 13200/year 

Liberal ArtsRMB15000/year

Sciences, Engineering & Business: RMB18000/year


Liberal ArtsRMB 20000/year

Sciences, Engineering & Business:


Medicine, Arts: RMB25000/year


Application Documents Required

1. HNU Application Form for Long-term Chinese Study;

2A copy of passport;

3. Physical exam report (scanned copy)

1. HNU Application Form for Undergraduate & Graduate Students ;

2Transcript of Senior High School

3A copy of passport;

4Physical exam report (scanned copy)

1HNU Application Form for Undergraduate & Graduate Students ;

2A Copy of Diploma/Bachelor- degree Certificate;

3. Transcript of undergraduate studies;

42 recommendation letters provided by the applicant’s teachers with the rank of Associate Professor and above

5A copy of passport;

6Physical exam report (scanned copy)


Length of Studies and the University Calendar

The normal length of study for each program is as follows:

   1. Undergraduate-Degree studies: 4-5 years 

   2. Master’s Degree studies: 2-3 years

Students may, in particular cases, shorten or prolong their length of studies through application.

Each academic year at Hangzhou Normal University comprises 2 semesters, with the fall one starting the academic year in September and ending in mid January and the spring one starting in early or mid February and extending to the end of June. There are 2 vacations each year: the summer one usually lasts 2 months in July and August, and the winter one, in which China’s Spring Festival falls, usually lasts 4 weeks from late January to mid February.  


Application Requirements

Basic requirements:

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, normally aged 18 and above and in good health, holding valid passports and willing to abide by China’s laws and the university’s rules and regulations and show due respect to China’s social and cultural customs. 

Requirement of proficiency in Chinese language:

Applicants for programs in the fields of Liberal Arts and Law must have the certificate showing that their proficiency reaches Level 4 of HSK Test (old format) or score 190 or above of Level 4 (new format), and those for programs in Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management, Music, Fine Arts, etc. must have the certificate showing their proficiency reaching Level 3 of HSK Test (old format) or score 180 or above of Level 4 (new format). 


The University runs Chinese language programs to help international students improve their proficiency and meet the requirements. Applicants with certificates of Level 7 or above (old format) or Level 6 (new format) will be permitted to start their program studies directly if admitted.  


Application and Admission Procedures

Application for admission to various programs as described above can be made either through agencies with authorization granted by Hangzhou Normal University or by submitting required materials, including the PDF version of the remittance voucher of the application fee, online by following the instructions at the website “” or by contacting the university using the phone and fax numbers or mailing address provided at the end of this pamphlet.


The University will review the application materials upon receiving them and contact the applicant when necessary. If the materials meet the requirements, an admission notice will be sent to the applicant by mail. The process will normally take 8-10 weeks, and the admission information can be checked online at the website mentioned above.


Application Fee: RMB 300 yuan if applied within China and RMB 400 yuan if applied from outside China (postage included)


University Bank Account (to be used for remitting application fee, tuition and other fees):

Beneficiary:  Hangzhou Normal University 

Account No.:  3310 6595 0146 3000 00896 (for USD)

                     3310 6595 0296 3000 00121 (for AUD)

                     3310 6595 0386 3000 00290 (for EUR)

Bank: Bank of Communications, Zhejiang Provincial Branch


Bank AddressNo. 1 Juyuan Road, Hangzhou, China


Medical Insurance

It is the required by China’s Ministry of Education that all international students be medically insured throughout their period of study in China. International students with no valid medical insurance purchased at their home countries must buy via the University the insurance from Chinese insurance companies before registration for program studies.



There are different types of accommodation facilities for international students on the different campuses of the university. Self-sponsored students can also rent off-campus housing with the approval of the university and registration with the local Public Security Bureau. Accommodation costs can vary between RMB 4000 and 18000 yuan per year depending on the facilities and conditions.



The University provides the following scholarships to encourage excellent and hard-working students to come and pursue studies on its campuses: 


  •  Confucius Institute Scholarship

Set up by China’s Confucius Institute Headquarter and granted to international students from Confucius Institutes worldwide that show excellence in their studies of Chinese language and culture. The scholarship includes tuition and living expenses, including books, accommodation, meals, etc. Applications may be sent to the Confucius Institutes of the applicants’ home country.  


  • Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship

Set up by Zhejiang Provincial Government and grated to international students that excel in their studies at the university, with 3 types:

Type A: RMB 30000 yuan/year for graduate studies;

Type B: RMB 20000 yuan/year for undergraduate studies;

Type C: RMB 6000 yuan/year for Chinese language and culture studies  


  • Hangzhou Municipal Government Scholarship

Set up by Hangzhou Municipal Government and granted to international students that excel in their studies at the university, with 3 types identical to Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship described above.


  • Hangzhou Normal University Scholarship

Set up by the University and granted to international students that excel in their studies at the university, with the following 3 types

Type A: tuition waive and living allowance (undergraduate and graduates students);  

Type B: partial tuition waive (all students);

Type C: one-off scholarship (long-term Chinese language learners)


Contact Information


Tel 86-571-2886 9670 / 8671

Fax86-571-2886 9670

Add: International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

 Hangzhou Normal University

 #16, Xuelin Str., Xiasha Higher Education Zone,

 Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310036, P. R.. China.


Written by:YF