Handbook for International Students

In the Handbook (Handbook for International Students.doc) you will find the

following information:

1.      Registration

             New Students Registration

             Current Students Registration


2.      Physical Check-up, Residence Permit & Visa

              Physical Check-up

              Residence Permit & Visa


3.      Security

              A Safety Reminder for International Students


4.      Dormitory Management Regulations

              Measures on the Management of International Student Dormitories


5.      Regulations on Management of Off-campus Dwelling for International Students

6.      Rules and Regulations of Hangzhou Normal University on Academic Studies

              Implementation Rules on Managing International Students’ Academic Affairs (for undergraduate education)

              Rules of Conduct of Hangzhou Normal University on Students’ Doing Experiments in Laboratories  

              Exam/Test Rules of Hangzhou Normal University

              Hangzhou Normal University Implementation Measures on Makeup Exams/Tests for Undergraduate Courses


7.      International Students Scholarships

              Measures on the Implementation of the International Student Scholarships Scheme of Hangzhou Normal University 


8.      China’s Laws and University Disciplines

              Hangzhou Normal University Regulations on Punitive Actions against Student Disciplinary Offences

9.      Certificate Issues


10.    Life Guide


Written by:YF