Study at HNU 2013 Scholarship for US Students

Introduction to China-U.S. People-to-People Cultural Exchanges Special Scholarship



I. Background

This program is set up to implement the “Outline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development”, to carry into execution the “Plan for Studying in China”, to keep company with the goals formulated by the American government for the “100,000 Strong” Initiative (a national effort designed to increase dramatically the number of American students studying in China) put forward by U.S. President Barack Obama during his visit to China in 2009, and to encourage the Sino-American institutions of higher learning to establish and deepen their cooperative relationships and attract more American young students to come to China for their study programs.



II. Scholarship for Credit Students (non-degree, undergraduate)

The scholarship (tuition waiver) shall be provided by the Chinese government for on-campus students from a university in the US that will be studying at Hangzhou Normal University for three months or more on the condition that the credits the students have gained at Hangzhou Normal University shall be recognized and accepted by their home universities in the US.

In addition, Hangzhou Normal University shall provide free accommodation for the accepted students from the US during their stay at the university as well as a university scholarship of 5,000 RMB to students who stand out during their studies here.



III. How to Apply

Applicants need to visit the website of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and submit their application information there on line ( Download the “Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship”, print them out and sign them. The application will not be accepted by the CSC without the on-line application.


The procedures are as follows:


1. Register on the CSC website;

2. Login;

3. Fill in the Application Form;

4. Select the Application Form for the “Chinese Government Scholarship”;

5. Key in the Personal Data (the first item of “Agency No. ” for Hangzhou Normal University is “10346” );

6. Key in other Data;

7. Submit the Application Form to create a PDF file;

8. Print out the completed form (PDF format) for two copies;

9. Sign the Application Form;

10. Send the printed Application Form (signed) with a photo to Hangzhou Normal University together with other papers before the deadline.



IV. Application Materials for credit students

     Mail the papers listed below (printed or written) to the Office of

    International Cooperation and Exchange of Hangzhou Normal University

    before March 15, 2013 (for those who wish to start their studies in May) or before May 30, 2013

    (for those who wish to start their studies in September):

1. Application Form (printed and signed) with a photo for the Scholarship

for Credit Students (non-degree) Program for 2013;

2. The original copy of school certification;

3. An official transcript (notarized);

4. Resume;

5. HNU Admission Application;

6. A photocopy of your unexpired passport; and

7. A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form.


V. Contact Information

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Hangzhou Normal University

Mr. Luo

Tel: 86-571-28869670

Fax: 86-571-28869670


Add: Room 512, Executive Building, Hangzhou Normal University, No. 16 Xuelin Street, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, 310036, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China.


VI. Introduction to the University

The Website of Hangzhou Normal University: 


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