HZNU Listed among First Batch of National Typical Experienced Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the list of the fist batch of 50 universities which are recognized as “National Typical Experienced Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2016”. 50 universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Renmin University of China, were on the list. It’s worth mentioning that Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) is the only normal university and one of the four universities in Zhejiang approved by the Ministry of Education.

In recent years, Hangzhou Normal University has given full play to its geographic advantage in locating itself in the core area of Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor. It cooperates closely with innovative companies, makes connections with alumni, and spares no effort to cultivate innovative and creative talents. At the same time, the university continuously improves its educational reform for innovation and entrepreneurship through such measures as establishing the Entrepreneurship Academy, adjusting programs and specialties, improving the curriculum system, reforming teaching methods, strengthening practical training, optimizing the construction of teacher teams, and cooperating with enterprises to train students. It also adheres to integrating innovative and entrepreneurial education into the talent training system, running through the entire process of talent training, and extensively and systemically carrying out the work for all students, in a bid to focus on enhancing students' innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovative and entrepreneurial ability.

In addition, HZNU also accelerates the implementation of the plan to cultivate applied talents, and creates a new situation for innovative and entrepreneurial work which has made remarkable achievements. The university has won the honorary titles like “Advanced Education Research and Practice Unit of National Universities and Colleges”, one of the first batch of “National Universities in Implementation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Training Plan for Undergraduates”, one of the first batch of “Zhejiang Entrepreneurial Innovation Base for High-level Overseas Talents” and the “Hangzhou Undergraduates Pioneer Park”.

In the era of “Internet+”, HZNU will focus on the strategy of “Transformation, Development, and Producing the First Class”, promote the reform of its innovative and entrepreneurial talents training model, in a bid to provide development opportunities, resources and conditions for the students with entrepreneurial dreams, and strive to create a group of characteristic innovative and entrepreneurial education with a HZNU Brand characteristic of “Internet +".

Written by:HNU