HZNU Listed on Quality Certification for International Students to Study inChina

On October 20, the 17th Annual Conference for International Education was held in Beijing. President Du Wei, on behalf of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU), attended the conferring ceremony for the quality certification of the first batch of pilot universities for international students to study in. HZNU became one of the first batch of 27 pilot colleges.

With the strong support of the International Department of the Ministry of Education, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) officially launched the work of quality certification for the first batch of 28 universities on studying inin December of 2015. Through several months of accreditation including application, on-site contract, self-assessment report, and site inspection and assessment by experts, HZNU was well recognized by the experts and passed the assessment successfully.

In recent years, HZNU’s international education has seen a continuous development. The work for international students to study inhas made great progress, and the university has achieved satisfactory results in terms of the number of international students and teaching quality. The successful obtaining of the quality certification will help HZNU improve the education quality for international students, construct the brand image and expand the international influence.

Written by:HNU