HZNU Wins National Social Science Fund Key Project

Recently, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences officially announced the key projects for the 2016 annual National Social Science Fund (NSSF). The project, Research on the Construction of the Discourse System of Contemporary Chinese Aesthetic Education, led by the chief expert Du Wei, a professor from Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU), was approved on the list (Project Number: 16ZDA110).

NSSF Key Project is the most influential, authoritative, and the best-funded national arts research project at the highest level, including three categories, namely, application strategy research, major basic theoretical research, and interdisciplinary research. It was set up to vigorously promote theoretical innovation and method innovation, solve major theoretical issues and practical problems in the process of economic and social development, and further prosper philosophy and social sciences.

The key projects are reviewed and approved through public bidding, in a bid to nurture philosophy and social science research at the national level.

Research on the Construction of the Discourse System of Contemporary Chinese Aesthetic Education, a key project applied by Professor Du Wei’s team, is guided by Marxist theories on human overall development, sticks to the principle of integrating historical continuity of Chinese aesthetic tradition with innovative development, faces the new situation and new problems in the historical context of the new era, systematically integrates important ideas, propositions and categories of Chinese aesthetic tradition throughout its history, makes a three-dimension exposition of the core theoretical connotation of contemporary Chinese Aesthetic Education, and deeply extracts the central category of discourse system which has dual value of practical significance and cultural guidance.

The project tries to set up the modern pattern of Chinese aesthetic education discourse system and build contemporary Chinese aesthetic education discourse system to run through ancient and present times and face the present and the future through a combination of Chinese and western culture.

Written by:HZNU