Cangqian Campus Construction Promotes with Block B Buildings Topping off


Chen Xinhua, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Hangzhou Normal University, inspects the construction site

On November 18, when inspecting each section of the site on Cangqian new campus, Chen Xinhua, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU), stressed that we should firmly stick to the goal, make back scheduling, seize the day and speed up the construction of new campus to ensure its full completion and use in June, 2018. Vice President Fang Liang, and heads of the campus construction department and the construction agency attended the inspection.

The Cangqian Campus was divided into four blocks: respectively A, B, C and D, of which Block A, the largest area, has already been put into full use. Among other blocks, in addition to the D1 section to be started in the end of December, the rest have all started construction. The B1 students' living quarter of Science and Engineering Division, whose construction is the fastest, has all been completed and the main structure acceptance has also been finished, fully entering the indoor and outdoor decoration stage. In the teaching area B1, most of the buildings have also been completed and the main structure acceptance will be finished before the end of the year. Most B1 teacher apartments have been built up to the main fifth floor. Two floors of the basement have basically been completed in B2 buildings for School of Continuing Education. Slab casting of C students’ living district of Life and Medical Sciences Division has been completed and the construction will be completed in this year. 30% of pile foundation construction has been completed in the teaching area C. As for D5 stadium section, all pile foundation construction has been completed and slab casting and basement construction will be finished this year. In addition, Clinical Medical School has finished construction bidding for teaching buildings and the construction will be started before the end of December. And the YUhuangshan Campus project has entered the bidding process of construction and will start in the mid of December. To the end of this year, the new campus of HZNU will be put into full construction.

On November 18, Chen Xinhua inspected the construction sites of each section on the new campus and listened to the report that the construction agency headquarters of the new campus had made on the progress of each section. Wherever he went, Chen Xinhua would talk with the heads of the construction agency and the engineering departments of each section, otain detailed information about the project progress, and analyze various factors such as the G20 summit that had an impact on the time limit for the project. And he asked the construction agency and persons in charge of each department to try their best to break through difficulties and focus on solving the issue of construction schedule. He stressed that the construction company should enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, firmly grasp the time node, make project schedule task specific, form a joint force, grab the progress and push the progress of each project with full speed and strength to ensure the timely and full completion of all the constructions with high quality and high efficiency.

Written by:陈鑫