History & Profile

Hangzhou Normal University started as Zhejiang Official Dual-Level Normal School in 1908. It was renamed Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School in 1913. In times of upheaval, the university set changes in motion and emerged as Zhejiang’s pioneer in democracy and science. In 1978, Hangzhou Teachers College was formed on the basis of Hangzhou Normal School. At the turn of the 21st century, multiple institutions were successively combined with Hangzhou Teachers College. 2007 marked the birth of the new Hangzhou Teachers College, officially today’s Hangzhou Normal University.    

The journey was full of challenges, but we persevered. Along the way, we at Hangzhou Normal University, one generation after another, have united around our motto “Diligence, Conscientiousness, Honesty and Generosity, Erudition, Elegance, Refinement and Excellence” to preach and practice teaching and learning as we moved with the times in an open and inclusive way while staying true to our shared vision. Since its 100th anniversary in 2008, HZNU has been pursuing a brand-new strategy of making itself a first-class university. A defining moment came when HZNU, which is now among China’s top 100, was put on Zhejiang’s agenda for key universities in 2017.  

With 24 schools, and 1 affiliated hospital, Hangzhou Normal University has Cangqian, Xiasha and Yuhuangshan campuses, covering a total area of about 240 hectares, with a total construction area of 2.4 million square meters. It has nearly 2400 staff members and 1700 full-time teachers, and more than 30,000 full-time students, including more than 24,000 undergraduates, over 6,000 graduate students, and about 360 international degree students.  

HZNU glitters with a galaxy of high-level scholars and scientists who are widely acknowledged provincially and nationally. Represented by 1 academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have more than a hundred top talents on provincial and national levels, including Chang Jiang Scholars, Distinguished Young Scholars and National Outstanding Teachers. With its hard work, HZNU has been gaining strength and showing great advancement. With 13 of its disciplines in the top 1% of international ESI disciplines, the University is now among China’s top 100 by ESI ranking and has secured a leading position among its provincial peers when it comes to the overall strength of disciplines.    

HZNU keeps a close eye on the Belt and Road Initiative and follows closely what is going on globally. The University, which is among the first to be accredited by China Education Association for International Exchange for international student education, co-runs a center for Chinese language education and cooperation in partnership with Middle Tennessee State University in the United States, a Joint Institute with Kharkiv National University in Ukraine and a Joint Program at Master Level with the University of Canberra in Australia. Friendly ties have been established with over 70 renowned universities around the world, confirming its belief that openness and inclusiveness should be the tone for international exchanges.  

Time Line and Celebrities in the Development of Hangzhou Normal University

  • 1908  Zhejiang Dual-Level Normal School

  • 1912 Zhejiang Provincial Dual-Level Normal School

  • 1913  No.1 Normal School of Zhejiang Province

  • 1923  High School and Normal School Emerged

  • 1931  Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Normal School

  • 1938  Interim Allied Normal School of Zhejiang Province

  • 1939  Zhejiang Provincial Allied Normal School

  • 1946  Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Normal School

  • 1956  Hangzhou Normal School of Zhejiang Province

  • 1978  Hangzhou Teachers College

  • 2000  Six Colleges/Institutes merged into Hangzhou Teachers College

  • 2007  Hangzhou Normal University


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