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ESI International Ranking of Our University Increased by 68

On May 14, the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) released the latest ranking of universities. And the ranking of our university is 68 higher than that of the previous period.

Our five disciplines previously in the top 1% of ESI all rise in ranking. They are chemistry, clinic medicine, plant and animal science,  neuroscience & behavior and engineering. Among them, the international ranking of chemistry has increased by 19, clinical medicine by 91, plant and animal science by 56, neuroscience & behavior by 79 and engineering by 75.


In addition, the potential value of material science in our university is 0.910, and that of agricultural science and physics is 0.726 and 0.700, respectively. The potential value of the three research fields has been improved rapidly.

According to the data, 6320 papers of our university were selected, with the cited frequency of 82499 and 13.05 respectively. There are 83 high-level papers in our university, including 81 highly cited papers and 3 hot papers. It is worth mentioning that on May 7, Elsevier officially released the list of Chinese most cited researchers in 2019, and 5 teachers of our university were included. Among them, Academician Shang Yongfeng was selected into biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, Professor Li Chunyang from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences was selected into agriculture and biological sciences, Professor Qiu Mengsheng from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and Professor Zang Yufeng from the School of Education were selected into neuroscience, and Professor Song Yongli from the School of Science was selected into the list of mathematics.

Overall, the total number of institutions on the list is 6455, a decrease of 126 compared with the data in March 2020; the number of institutions on the list in China is 566, an increase of 6 in comparison. China has 361 universities on the list, an increase of 5 from March 2020. The top 5 universities in China (mainland) are Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University.


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