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10 New National First-class Undergraduate Programs Added

Recently, the Ministry of Education(MOE) released the list of the first-class undergraduate programs in national and provincial level in 2020. 10 programs of HZNU were selected as national first-class undergraduate programs: Social Work, Preschool Education, Physical Education, History, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Animation and Public Art; 4 programs were selected as provincial first-class undergraduate porgrams: Economics, Ideological and Political Education, Educational Technology and Preventive Medicine. So far, there are 19 national and 15 provincial first-class undergraduate programs in the shcool.


The “Double Ten Thousand Plan” for constructing first-class undergraduate programs is an important initiative of the MOE to comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve the talent cultivation capacity of universities, and achieve the connotative development of higher education. The Plan requires the construction of about 10,000 national and 10,000 provincial first-class undergraduate programs from 2019 to 2021. Each university shall recommend programs according to the quota, and the selected list will be determined after review by education authorities, and evaluation and voting by the Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of MOE. In 2020, the MOE identified a total of 3,977 national and 4,448 provincial first-class undergraduate programs.

In recent years, HZNU has attached great importance to first-class undergraduate education. With building discipline connotation as the core and cultivating undergraduate talents as its goal, the school advances disciplines and enhances connotations by optimizing talent training programs, strengthening faculty promotion, driving curriculum reform, guaranteeing teaching resources, and improving education quality assurance system etc. Comprehensively implementing the OBE concept, the school has steadily carried out program evaluation and assessment and achieved good results in program construction.


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