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HZNU’s Material Science Entered the Top 1% on ESI Ranking List, with the Total Number Increased to 6!

    On May 13, the latest Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database revealed that material science of Hangzhou Normal University entered the top 1% of the global ESI ranking for the first time. With its chemistry, clinical medicine, botany and zoology, neurology and behavior, and engineering already on the list, HZNU now boasts 6 disciplines that rank among the top 1% of ESI ranking globally.


    According to the data, in the field of material science, there are 1015 institutions on the top 1% list, among which HZNU ranks 980th. In the past 10 years, 340 papers of HZNU in the discipline have been included by Web of Science, with a cumulative citation of 7,578 times and an average citation frequency of 22.29 times. Besides, 7 of them have been selected as ESI Highly Cited Papers.

    Material science is one of the advanced disciplines cultivated by the University, which includes sub-disciplines such as material physics and chemistry, material science, and materials processing engineering, etc. Closely integrated with the needs of Zhejiang province in the field of new materials, the discipline focuses on polymer materials molding and processing, new functional materials, silicone materials, etc. and formed distinctive talent training and research directions. Based on the provincial first-class discipline "chemistry", it has set up 1 professional master program, 1 national first-class program, and 1 provincial characteristic program. It has also built such important platforms as Key Laboratory of Organosilicon Chemistry and Material Technology of Ministry of Education, National Productivity Promotion Center for New Materials(Hangzhou branch), Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory, Zhejiang Sci-Tech Innovation Service Center, etc.


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