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Biology & Biochemistry Enters ESI Global Top 1%

In the evening of March 10, Essential Science Indicator (ESI) released the latest statistics (from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2021), suggesting Biology & Biochemistry of Hangzhou Normal University entered the global top 1% for the first time, a new breakthrough for HZNU. HZNU now has 8 disciplines in that list and the other seven are chemistry, clinical medicine, botany & zoology, neurology & behavior, engineering, materials science and environment/ecology.


For the time period, 38 teachers' colleges and universities in China have disciplines listed in the top 1%. Among them, HZNU ranks the 9th in terms of comprehensive "international ranking".  In Zhejiang Province where 22 universities and colleges have disciplines in global top 1%, HZNU ranks the 6th in terms of international ranking and second in terms of the number of ESI disciplines.


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