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MOU Renewal with VIVES University of Applied Sciences

On October 17, Hangzhou Normal University and VIVES University of Applied Sciences renewed the Memorandum of Understanding. The ceremony is attended by Carl Decaluwe, governor of West Flanders in Belgium, Lombaert Stijin, executive provincial, Fraeyman Denis Mario G., mayor of Pittem. Li Yanqing, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province, Shu Peidong, deputy director of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, Guo Dongfeng, secretary of the party committee of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) and Hu Hua, vice president of HZNU.

In his speech, Guo Dongfeng welcomed the delegation and briefly introduced the recent development of HZNU. He pointed out that HZNU is a 115-year old comprehensive university with a tradition of teacher education, balanced development of liberal arts and sciences. Located in the core area of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, facing rare opportunities in integrating education, science and technology, and talent, the university is in a crucial period of striving to become a "Double First-Class" university and urgently needs to enhance its internationalization. He hopes that the signing of this agreement will further deepen cooperation between HZNU, VIVES University of Applied Sciences and West Flanders Province in areas of education and scientific research, strengthening exchanges among young students.

Carl Decaluwe expressed appreciations for the warm reception at HZNU and introduced the basic situation of West Flanders Province. He recalled his past vists to HZNU. The beautiful campus and surroundings left him deep impressions. He stated that this visit in the "post-pandemic" era is not only a continuation of friendship but also an opportunity to start a new chapter of cooperation. He hopes that both sides will further strengthen cooperation, provide more opportunities for learning and internships for young students, actively explore ways and means of communication and cooperation in the era of globalization, and build a broader platform for the younger generation.


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