Message from the President


Dear friends,

Welcome to Hangzhou Normal University! 

Through a history of more than one century, Hangzhou Normal University has developed on the foundation of excellence in education, scientific research, and social service, having produced a large number of highly qualified teachers, educators, scientists and other professionals at different levels. Committed to making its contribution to the educational and economic developments at the local as well as national level, the university is striving to foster an environment that is conducive to the academic activities of its students and faculty. We have and are open for collaborations with institutions from all around the world. We welcome students from different countries and offer a number of degree and non-degree programs in various academic fields ranging from humanities, education, fine arts, music, business, law, engineering, and information technology to medicine and nursing. We also welcome friends and alumni to experience our picturesque campus and surroundings in person.


Yongfeng Shang , PhD


Chinese Academy of Sciences


Hangzhou Normal University


NO.2318, Yuhangtang Rd, Yuhang District, 311121, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China


86-571-28869221 (General Affairs)

86-571-28865041 (Admission)