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Environment and Ecology Enters ESI Global Top 1%

On September 9, Essential Science Indicator (ESI) released the latest statistics (from January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2021), suggesting Environment and Ecology of HZNU entered the global top 1% for the first time, making a new breakthrough. HZNU now has 7 disciplines in that list and the other six are chemistry, clinical medicine, botany and zoology, neurology and behavior, engineering and material science.


For the time period, 38 teachers’ colleges and universities in China have disciplines in the top 1% list. Among that, HZNU ranks the 9th in terms of comprehensive “international ranking” and the 5th in terms of the number of ESI disciplines. In Zhejiang Province, 19 universities and colleges have disciplines in global top 1%. The provincial comprehensive “international ranking” of HZNU is 6th and the number of ESI disciplines ranks the 3rd place.


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