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Tetyana Kaganovska, the President of Kharkiv National V.N.Karazin University Visits HZNU

The president of Kharkiv National V.N.Karazin University, Tetyana Kaganovska, and her delegation visited Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) on the morning of May 29th. Academician Shang Yongfeng, president of HZNU and vice president Hu Hua attended the meeting.

Shang Yongfeng welcomed President Kaganovska and her delegation, expressing appreciations of the staff who have worked hard for the cooperation between the two sides. He pointed out that the university has long looked forward to the visit of Kharkiv National V.N.Karazin University and is delighted to have the opportunity for face-to-face talks. HZNU is eager to promote cooperation with high-level international universities. It is hoped that both sides will continue to take initiatives to strengthen communication, making future cooperation smoother and more effective.

Kaganovska briefly introduced the basic situation of Kharkiv National V.N.Karazin University, expressing gratitude for the efforts made by HZNU in the cooperation and joint education of the two sides. She emphasized that Karazin University is actively engaged in educational work and scientific research. It is striving to cooperate internationally with universities worldwide. The university is confident in continuing to expand cooperation with China, especially with Hangzhou Normal University. She hoped that both sides would continue to broaden their cooperation on the basis of educational cooperation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in scientific research, and sincerely invited leaders and relevant faculty and students of HZNU to visit Ukraine.

After the meeting, Shang Yongfeng and Tetyana Kaganovska signed a supplementary agreement on the education of graduate students on behalf of the two universities.


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